Artem Markov course
13-22 January on Koh-Pangan, Thailand

Please, come learn and get fed up with dancing!

I would teach this dance all of my life.

A dance (that looks more like a bird) was shown to me by my friend Yaniv Mintzer. When I dance with him, there was no weight, but we needed a lot of space to fly.

Difficult to describe in words the task I invite you, but I will try.

General words that could fall into the body-mind from separated thought level: weightlessness, lack of strength (more precisely, optimization of resources, strength and effort), the ability to use the free energy of falling, the general direction or vector of soaring, the vision of how the body Itself tends to go in one direction or another.

We have arms and legs, this is exactly the body it is. We are conditioned by history, habits, and I don't want to give up or avoid reality. I don't want to fantasize a lot, but I want to see a little more in what is available. I want to cultivate the way of listening, and how through this attention we can learn to fly. Together.

I was planning a course for beginners, and where I'm inviting you is actually difficult. It is difficult in terms of accepting yourself in new way of dancing. I think everyone loves an easy dance, and also even experienced dancers dance with another principles, we all are sharpened for something. Therefore, read the description, and if you like it, then, please, come learn new things or improve your unlimited possibilities!
I'm really waiting for you. And I want to share my passion and compassion.

What are we going to do?

Our guides will be:

- Small dance,

- Steps with a partner (we will learn all sorts of variations and release it into improvisational forms),

- Small passing supports, which are more like (again) a step stretched over time.

In general, we will try to take everything small, without pretensions to...

But dynamic, alive, not frozen in time, not stopped in the ground, nor in the air.

The problem of the brain is that it wants to cling to the moment, it is better in the peak experience, although it is possible not, the main thing is to be stable. And we try to take off and not fall, even in dance there is this pattern of anguish. Do you know at least one non-landed bird?

Then... why all these ambitions? We will dance slowly and smoothly, but we will go further.

We will study, I would say, the very nature of tenderness in contact dance. And tenderness does not like an axe.

Come learn and get fed up with dancing!

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Koh-Phangan, Thailand
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